Rock Band 4: a copy-publishing match made in heaven

Harmonix, creator of the Rock Band gaming franchise, is partnering up for their newest venture. The peripheral maker, Mad Catz, will be co-publishing the newest installment, Rock Band 4, scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year. Mad Catz is bringing their expertise to create the new wireless instruments for Rock Band 4. They will also be involved in promotion of the new game, distribution, and leading global sales.

Originally, Harmonix was aiming to self-publish this reboot alone, based on the initial announcement back in March. Harmonix saw great success with the original Rock Band, bringing additional instruments, aside from a guitar, into the music and rhythm-based gaming sector. That success means gamers invested in their band setups, which were then made by Mad Catz. Both companies have the potential for financial success should interest in these games return.

With that in mind, Harmonix and Mad Catz are working with Sony and Microsoft, hoping they can make those peripherals work with the new game and the next gen systems. There will also be access to the full Rock Band song library from previous editions of the game, and that means over 2,000 titles. It’s been five years since the release of Rock Band 3, making it hard to determine how many gamers still have their bands intact, especially with the amount of room it took to store the equipment.

They are looking at using downloadable content (DLC) is increase gameplay options instead of releasing new full-scale games. Adding DLC means the base game could be ever evolving, but these packages may mean additional costs, albeit much less than the $60 average for entirely new games. If they follow traditional DLC models, these small expansions will likely come with new songs, new venues, and new characters to help keep things interesting for those who are willing to give this genre another shot.

It is hard to say how the new game will be received, as there isn’t enough information available to get excited about. The core fan base of the previous releases is five years older, and it’s hard to say how many of them feel nostalgic about the possible return of Rock Band. As we get closer to the release, tentatively set for the 2015 holiday season, maybe we will know if this is a series resurrection or a sad trip down memory lane.

Keeping connected while away in your Colorado mountain home

There is just something amazingly peaceful about living up in the mountains of Colorado. With the beautiful views all around you to the amazing skiing and snowboarding, there is just nothing like the region anywhere else in the country. However, there are always a few drawbacks when you want to get back to nature. One of the main drawbacks is not having access to the best Internet and television services. Due to how far away your home is from the rest of the city and populated areas, most Internet service providers are not going to be offering any sort of Internet coverage where you live. This doesn’t reduce your need to use the service any, you just need to find a different provider that is able to help you out. Thankfully, HughesNet in Durango is available to you, so you can move as far up in the mountains as you like, you can still have quality, high-speed Internet access.

How Satellite Internet Works

Satellite Internet works in the same manor as satellite television. A satellite dish is installed somewhere on your property, whether it is on the roof or in the yard and positioned so it has a clear view of the sky at an angle where it is in line with the satellite. The satellite dish receives the signal from the satellite and sends the information back into a receiver inside of your home. The receiver can then connect to either your computer or even a wireless router. This way, you can enjoy a wireless Internet connection, all thanks to your HughesNet in Durango.

Devices that Work

Basically, if there is a device that can connect to the Internet, it can connect to HughesNet. If you are running a wired connection, it is usually just going to be your desktop or a laptop with an available port. However, if you decide to connect a wireless router to the receiver on your HughesNet system, any device can connect to the Internet. It does not matter if it is your smartphone, tablet, video game system or anything else. This opens you up to the Internet anywhere in your home. You just need to make sure you sign up for the right service plan that gives you the best Internet coverage and most data required for you to continually access the Internet at home.

Online Fundraising Tips

online fundraising

The growing number of fundraisers being organized on daily makes it extremely challenging for you to collect the required amount of funds. It is a fact that people come to our homes every day to raise funds for various causes. Therefore, the amount of funds you may generate by a fundraiser will directly depend on the skills and enthusiasm of your volunteers, as well as the online fundraising ideas you decide to use. You require to have some uniqueness in your fundraiser to make it stand out from the many others being organized.

When organizing a fundraiser, getting suitable volunteers should be your utmost priority. You can post an invite for volunteers online. You can also ask your friends to lend you a helping hand in organizing the campaign with a cause. Once you have the desired team of volunteers, you need to settle for some fundraising ideas.

Fundraising can be done door to door fundraising; getting support from companies and government agencies; grants from trusts and charities, web-based donations, and texting. It does not matter what fundraising ideas you choose to use you need to ensure that you promote the fundraiser with high efficiency. You can use inexpensive means of communication such as e-mails, SMS, and social media to let people know about the fundraiser and the reason behind it.

Another excellent option for fundraisers is selling attractive, items that can be sold online. You can buy a wide range of fundraiser goodies from a fundraiser company. You will easily find several online fundraiser companies using any search engine. Be sure to read customer reviews about the quality of products that the company offers before placing your order.

Efficient and cost effective ways of supporting your fundraisers have been developed to take advantage of the growth of the Internet. Web based fundraising platforms, such as Indiegogo, have been developed to offer charities with a method to collect funds online quick and effectively. An online fundraiser can be created in a few minutes by creating an account for free.

online fundraising

Online fundraisers are easily accessible to donors through a range of devices including laptops, phones, and tablets. The funds are donated immediately by simply clicking a button on a web page. So for whichever cause you are passionate about, online fundraisers are the ideal methods of raising money for worthy cause. Most of them are free and quite easy to setup. There is also software to help you with the same. So get started and raise money for a worthy cause. Online fundraisers are free to set up, easy to manage and give the charity tools to collect funds in several of ways. The gift reaches the charity within a few days.

Developments in technology continue to provide online fundraising organizations the power to reach their donors in newer and efficient ways. The most successful fundraisers carry out due diligence to decide which are the most cost-effective and efficient methods so they can concentrate on the most crucial segment of their job: supporting the cause.